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Department of Bio Chemistry

The Department of Bio Chemistry was started in the year 2004, with deep interest towards the Life sciences. The main objective of the Department is to inculcate the basic concepts and applications of Biochemistry in the student and to flourish in the field of research and development. The secret of the success of this department lies in its academic environment and the close ties between teachers and students. Since its very inception, the department has produced a number of bright scientists who are now pursuing their careers in India and abroad. Periodical research has been the hallmark of its faculty members. The Department has optimized all the resources to improve the quality of education.

Develop interest in chemical sciences, Create awareness about pollution and a clean environment

Create pathways of excellence that will inspire hope and promise for a better tomorrow.

Lab Facilities
The Biochemistry Department has Lab for Research & Practical Training, which are equipped with Refrigerated High Speed Cooling Centrifuge. Flame Photometer, Ultracentrifuge, Double Distillation Unit, Hot Air Oven, Incubators, Spectrophotometer, Autoclaves, Thermostatic water baths, Chromatographic units and Digital electronic balances, Distillation apparatus and other basic equipment needed for Biochemistry practical and research work are available in the Department.

Courses Offered

  ►  B.Sc Bio Chemistry

B.Sc(Bio Chemistry)
“Biochemistry is the study of carbon compounds that crawl.”
-Mike Adams

Science is the backbone of all technological developments .Scientific brains are made in the class rooms and research laboratories. Biochemistry is a branch of science. It is the most fascinating subject as it deals with the chemical language of life. It is the only science in which multiplication equals division. It is the language of biology. The tools for research in all branches of medical sciences are mainly biochemical in nature. It is perhaps the most rapidly developing subject in medicine. No wonder, the major share of Nobel prizes in medicine has gone to research workers engaged in Biochemistry.

Course Syllabus:
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