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About Us
Idhaya College of Arts & Science for Women has as nonpareil vision of reforming the quality of education to women entrepreneurship to provide the ability to intellectualize and expand diverse learning experiences in access to global opportunities.

Our Mission is to impart quality and value based education to rural women imbibing holistic view of life. Inculcating the spirit of patriotism and culture, the college prunes young minds to face the globalised scenario. Committed to the cause of integrity, respect, social and moral responsibility, the college aims at empowering women sensitizing them to be critically and socially aware.

Principal’s Message:
The academic year 2009-2010 had ended up successfully with intensity, passion and commitment .It had been coupled with courage and creativity. We appreciate the good will of every soul who has contributed for the growth of the college by their hard work and dedication. Our work is not only mere education but also make them to be wise and holy. We want them to grow as individuals strong in mind and spirit. They should become responsible and capable of maintaining a human friendly environment. Above all these we want our people to be tender hearted, compassionate and unbiased.

At the dawn of the academic year 2010-2011, we stand as blooming flowers in the midst of the Almighty with sense of gratitude for all what we have strived as a family of educators. May the coming year be a year of blessing in all that we accomplish. May we grow and expand through the work we do.

History of the college:
At the time when the congregation was seriously contemplating on opening up new avenues for higher education of women, the need to start a college of Arts and Science for strongly felt to impart quality education for the growth and development of Women who hail from rural areas and lower income group. It was mainly intended to cater to the need of the prospective women of the rural, backward and marginalized women folk.

As a result of those serious thoughts and desire, the Idhaya college of Arts and Science for Women came into existence on 4.8.2004. It was indeed yet another milestone in the history of immaculate congregation.


✔ Students should abide by the rules and regulations of the College.

✔ Students should not indulge in any activity that disturbs the unity and harmony of the college

✔ Student should not cause any damage to the college properties.

✔ The College and the Hostel should not entertain politics and must stand equal for all Communities.

✔ Students should maintain strict discipline, silence and cleanliness within college campus.

✔ Any student requiring to leave the class for any valid reason must obtain prior permission from the Staff during the college working hours.

✔ Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be impounded

✔ Model Examinations will be held for the students 20 days before the commencement of the University Examinations.

✔ Student should compulsorily attend all the class tests including Mid Semester and Model Examinations.

✔ Student are not entertained to bring any Tape Recorders, Walkman sets, Mobile Phone,Camera or any other such devices either to the College or to the Hostel.

✔ Students must bring their Identity card and Hand Book daily.

✔ Students must follow the dress code.Dresses with Low Neck,Sleeveless,Tight fitting Salwars,Short Kurtaas and Jeans are strictly prohibited.

✔ Students should compulsorily fasten their hair.

✔ Student should not organize any activities without the knowledge of the Principal

✔ Principal's decision in final in dealing with the students for violation of any of rules of the College and the Code of Conduct.


Idhaya College of Arts & Science for Women is affiliated to the PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY, Puducherry.

 Courses @ Idhaya
>> B.Sc Mathematics
>> B.Sc Physics
>> B.Sc Biochemistry
>> B.Sc Computer Science
>> B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)
>> B.Com (General)
>> B.A English
>> M.Com
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